Is it worth compromising in a relationship????

It’s a very basic and common issue in most of the relationships these days and that is compromise… I personally think it’s not always a bad move though unless that compromise is hindering your personal growth and messing with your peace of mind…Do anything that doesn’t disturb your mental and emotional health because once you are on the track of compromising always then there is no going back instead it will always raise your partner’s expectations of pushing you a down a bit each time knowingly or unknowingly. Why should we even compromise when the growth is important and healthy for both the partners ?….If you are seeing yourself exactly at the same place or at a position worse than before when you are compromising for your partner, don’t hesitate to step out of that particular relationship because as the time will pass you will find yourself in a deeper pit and that time it wouldn’t be worth regretting as to why didn’t I act earlier? Or whose fault is it?….it’s always our decision and no one can take it away from us….Just respect yourself and your dreams enough to let go of anything that stops you from moving further. You are meant to grow and be happy. Smile always 😊

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About anything and everything be it motivation,makeup, skincare or food...I am here to share my experiences and thoughts to make your prospective experiences amazing 🙂

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