What women actually want???

Apart from a perfect lipstick shade and shimmery heels what women actually want specially when in a relationship…There are various kinds of women as well and each one wants something different from their relationship but deep down what every woman wants is loyalty and unconditional love from their partner. Even some ladies who are categorized as gold diggers by our oh so not friendly society or guys are also looking for loyalty out there…. because even they wouldn’t like their partner cheating on them and what else would a woman want?…If treated right then she will definitely feel like a queen and it’s not always about money or expensive gifts but just devotion with time and attention. It’s the partner who defines and actually constructs the character and behavior of a woman in a relationship. If she wouldn’t find happiness and growth and loyalty in one place then she will surely start looking for options and even of she wouldn’t look for it but the other Happy relationships would persuade her until she finally walks away from a relationship that doesn’t deserve her. A woman’s freedom lies in her own thoughts. Stand strong , spread your wings and fly towards the dream you always see women….Keep smiling coz you are stronger than anything..Love love…!!!

Published by justshareitthoughts

About anything and everything be it motivation,makeup, skincare or food...I am here to share my experiences and thoughts to make your prospective experiences amazing 🙂

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