Parenting….can it ever be understood enough??

When we talk of parenting, what comes to our mind….Dad dropping his child to school , mom making breakfast or helping with homework ??.. Actually this is what comes at a really basic level of the huge parenting pyramid. And these days this concept needs to be much more understood than any other time it has ever been so important because the need of freedom and self sustainability has increased ten folds than it was ever before. The depression rate and mental issues amongst people at a young age have increased drastically and at this point of time none other than parents can make it better …. Parenting is not only fulfilling your responsibilities towards your child financially and socially but morally and mentally as well. A child needs moral support, motivation and a feeling of containment and satisfaction to succeed and it’s a lot lot more important than any money, expensive gifts or degree. Because no man has ever succeeded without mental peace and strong morals no matter how prestigious a degree he or she had !!!… Often parents fail to notice emotional traumas that their child goes through in middle of all the busy schedule of work and study . Parents can be the best friends any child can ever have. If you are always there for your child in a manner their best friend would be, trust me no kid would ever complain or cry or share their problems with any other person in the entire world. When there would be transparency in a family there wouldn’t be any space for problems and depression and need of others to cry to. People succeed even though they don’t have a very strong educational background or prestigious degree but if they have a strong and supportive family standing beside them at every point of life nobody can stop them soaring high in the sky … remember…live and love ..

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