What exactly should a breakup mean vs what breakup is actually doing to the people…!!!

It’s a very sensitive topic to talk to about (breakup) , specially to the people who had their heart broken by someone or just parted ways from people they were in close relations with but then again breakup shouldn’t mean to hurt anybody or their feelings. It was supposed to be taken in a very mature manner and if done right it still can be a very mature thing to do. What if your partner is losing interest in you? What if your partner is cheating on you? What if at some point you and your partner realize that your way of life and goals don’t match ? What if your partner doesn’t want to be a part of your dreams?…It’s no big deal, they are the most common human emotions and you can’t exercise control over them so all you can do is give some time and space which is much needed to both the partners at that point. Instead of compromising everyday and getting yourself into an uncomfortable place, it’s better to mutually and maturely part ways but that doesn’t work like these modern day breakups. These days breakup means fighting, arguing, abusing verbally or physically , blocking each other on social media platforms, maintaining a rude distance but don’t you think it makes things worse for the other person to deal with because in some way or the other you are interfering with their peace of mind making them more upset and desperate to want one more chance even if they aren’t at fault. It’s not at all a mature thing to hurt and treat someone in a manner which isn’t appropriate. After all this is the person you once were in love with or were interested in , how can you probably forget all that in one shot and continue in a way which gives them pain . Breakups can be handled in a much more friendlier and mature way and people can still be in contact with each other after breakups, they can still be friends . In that way it would let the other person also move on with their lives. And to be very appropriate, nobody who loved you truly would hurt you to your breaking point and if he or she is doing it then maybe it wasn’t love ever, it was just an infatuation or an interest whatsoever maybe. So live and love and promote peace and not hatred…Smile!!!

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About anything and everything be it motivation,makeup, skincare or food...I am here to share my experiences and thoughts to make your prospective experiences amazing 🙂

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