Losing hope???..not so soon !!!

Failures are often more impactful than success. For most people success isn’t that overwhelming as much as their failures are depressing. It’s quite natural to be upset about things that you couldn’t succeed in but it’s not okay to overthink and depress yourself with it. It’s not okay for people to lose hope and give up on things or people or missions that they have been working really hard for but unfortunately couldn’t succeed. When we achieve something that makes us happy does that last forever? Do we talk and think about it for a long long time? Do we overwhelm ourselves and overreact? …No we don’t. We just forget all that overwhelming and excitement in sometime and move forward to achieve something next but we know that the success taught us something and would remain forever with us but why isn’t it that we react the same when we fail ?..People don’t win always, infact the people who learn from their failures and still get up everyday trying to do something better are the ones who succeed and they go way far in their lives. Failures should be treated like success. Both teach us something for lifetime and both gives us the motivation to wake up the next day and perform better. It’s just that when you succeed you receive appreciation and when you fail you don’t receive that but does it even make a difference ??…The first person you are answerable to is yourself. If you appreciate yourself even when you couldn’t succeed like “It’s okay atleast I tried and no worries I will definitely work it out next time” then it’s more than enough to boost yourself and keep you motivated enough to face all the negative comments that people can make who weren’t in your shoes and who had no idea of how hard you worked for it and people like them don’t matter neither their opinions. You have to keep up your spirit, your dedication and just be responsible to yourself first and then think what others have to say or comment. Just think that you have worked really hard to get to the place you are today even if it’s the start because motivating yourself to start and thinking that you have to start are the first two steps and you have already passed that gracefully. Be happy for yourself and proud of yourself that you are trying and you are really giving your best efforts and time. Don’t let failures stop you. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up yet. Know your worth and just keep giving your best. Smile and do not stress. Love !!!

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5 thoughts on “Losing hope???..not so soon !!!

  1. Reminds me of how Thomas Edison failed 1000 times at inventing the lightbulb.

    But it’s the 1 time he succeeded that we remember him by, Our school system punished failure, but failure is needed to learn and find what’s right, and often times you only need to be right once. Just like Thomas Edison

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  2. It’s quite natural to be upset about things that you couldn’t succeed in but it’s not okay to overthink and depress yourself with it…. so true and difficult sometimes

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