They don’t carry a board with the slogan “I am depressed, please help me”…!!!

Depression is a really sensitive topic that people talk and think about rarely but is it something that should be taken so lightly??…Is there nothing concerning about depression? Is it such a common thing to just ignore?…No, depression is something really serious and yes it is common actually every fourth person you meet might be depressed. People have a lot to think and do these days, responsibilities have increased and the opportunities have decreased, people also don’t get what they give in return. People are depressed and they all have their own reasons. Somebody is depressed because they don’t have enough money, somebody is depressed because they had their heartbroken, somebody is depressed because they aren’t perfect, somebody is depressed because of the competition, someone is depressed because they couldn’t make their own choice and so on . The list goes on with a number of reasons but are all the reasons worth getting depressed over?? Infact I would say are any of these reasons worth compromising our peace of mind and health. I would say an absolute “NO” because when you love and appreciate yourself enough then nothing would be able to put you down, when you are determined to try harder each time you feel that you couldn’t succeed, when you keep your vibe positive and believe in yourself then nothing in this world can depress you. It’s okay hard and even harder time comes but we have to face it in a manner without us and people around us getting hurt and affected negatively. There are a lot of people who have many problems in their life but they don’t let the situation break them. Depression causes mental and physical hazard, disturbs the social life of a person and it’s declared as a clinical term and a disease that should be taken care of. But isn’t it our responsibility as well to not let our loved ones to get to the point of depression?. Now you would say how could we possibly know and help… But the truth is there’s no medical precaution or cure for depression except the love and support we can offer to the people around us when they are feeling low and when they start losing belief that they can do better. It all starts with a normal day getting upset over small things but who knows how much of negativity it can create in someone’s mind and life . So when someone around you is not feeling that great then please let a lending hand by talking to them and knowing what exactly is bothering them and try making them positive with your talks or anything else you can do for them. Tell them that it’s just a phase and they are gonna get through it soon and that they are amazingly strong inside and out and are deserving of all the good things in this world because the depressed people don’t roam around with a signboard that says ” I am depressed, please help me”…Trust me they need help and would really appreciate any act of friendliness and kindness. Be kind and not mean to people around you. The world should be filled with all the happy people. Everyone doesn’t have everything they want but how to be happy and contended with what they have is what will bring the happiness and the thought that the time will change for good and it’s just a passing phase would boost their confidence to move forward with their lives and remember there are people around you who loves you and cares for you and even if there isn’t anyone for you then you are the one who should shower yourself with the love and confidence. Nobody and nothing can bring you down. Problems come and go but you get this life once. Now you can either be depressed and waste it doing nothing enjoyable in your life or you can just be happy, satisfied and positive and enjoy it to the fullest the way it is. Smile ,love and peace !!!

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2 thoughts on “They don’t carry a board with the slogan “I am depressed, please help me”…!!!

  1. We all have problems, what I like to do when I have a major issue is think back to a time when I had a similar problem, know that I pulled through the last time, so odds are I will get through it again.

    Thinking “this too shall pass” grants faith.

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