It all starts from inside….!!!

If an egg is broken by an outside force, then life ends and if broken from inside force then life begins…It all starts from what’s inside. Great things always begin from inside. Consider our soul as that beautiful egg and you will completely understand what’s making or breaking you?…People should know that what’s outside (negativity around you, opinions that don’t matter, people who aren’t happy about you) doesn’t matter because they merely contribute in your growth and mental peace balance but what’s inside( confidence, determination,self respect, dreams, happiness and containment) is what will really help you in going forward by starting something amazing in your life or continuing with the things that will give you great results. The outside force is usually what breaks us and the inside force is what makes us. There surely will be numerous ups and downs but at the end of the day what matters is that you would end up with completely satisfied and great results and you will see yourself at a place you wished to. It might be the starting point of a beautiful journey or the completely successful journey. You can only grow when you know you are the only one you are answerable to . You are the only one to first find peace in what you are doing. Self satisfaction and internal happiness is a really hard thing to earn and it all comes from inside…not outside…So grow , love and be at peace happily !!!

Published by justshareitthoughts

About anything and everything be it motivation,makeup, skincare or food...I am here to share my experiences and thoughts to make your prospective experiences amazing 🙂

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