Why are winners different???

Winners are the normal living beings? Yes they are. Do they eat and drink and inhale oxygen to live? Yes they do. So what’s exactly the difference between some people achieving great things or goals in their life and others?… Let me tell you in a very brief manner as to what is it. See it’s their perception and their ability to not cling on to the negatives for long that makes them better than others. Experiences in life are not always good or happy but the ones who choose to neglect the negative ones and learn from it and turn it to a motivation are the people who are called winners. They win, they achieve. Winners are not only the ones who have achieved national and international awards or immense fame and money. Each person has a different goal, a different dream and when they are able to achieve their goal and live their dream is when they turn to winners. Somebody dreams of a great job , somebody dreams of becoming an athlete or a doctor or an actor or making their loved ones happy. Anything I say anything at all that you dreamed of and successfully achieved in your life is winning. And you only win when you really want to play hard for it. When you are ready to just have emotions like motivation, dedication, inspiration, positivity and love then you are unstoppable towards your goal. When you perceive every negative happening as a lesson that’s when you get a step ahead of people who aren’t able to let go of their past and cling to the negativity. Everything is possible when you are ready in your heart and mind. Stay happy, stay safe , stay motivated..!!!

Published by justshareitthoughts

About anything and everything be it motivation,makeup, skincare or food...I am here to share my experiences and thoughts to make your prospective experiences amazing 🙂

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